Creating a World-Class Organization by Empowering Employees to Own Their Job Engagement – Kevin Sheridan

9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.
Pensacola Little Theatre

To become the best in business, it is essential to have an engaged and resilient workforce.  But how do employers build a staff that is ready to take an organization to its next level?  The answer is increasingly rooted in shared ownership for employee engagement between the employer and employee.  This inspiring Keynote focuses on how employees can take responsibility for their own engagement and how employers can motivate their employees to reach the highest level of engagement.  Drawing on both scientific research and real-world examples from his 35-years of management consulting experience, Sheridan will give you the most up-to-date and innovative strategies to transform your organization.

Once a clear meaning of employee engagement is established, Sheridan covers the bottom line benefits of engagement and explains why it is essential to building a world-class organization.  Just some of these benefits include:

  • 300% More Innovation (HBR)
  • 44% Higher Retention (Gallup)
  • 37% Higher Sales (Shawn Achor)
  • 125% Less Burnout/Job Stress (HBR)
  • 66% Lower Absenteeism (Forbes)
  • 51% Less Turnover (Gallup)
  • Much Improved Communication (HR Solutions)
  • Higher Volunteerism (Shawn Achor)
  • Improved Safety Compliance and 62% Less Safety Incidents (Gallup)
  • Decreased Employee Theft (Gallup)
  • Increased Customer Engagement (HBR)
  • Higher Handwashing Compliance (HR Solutions)
  • Increased Ethical Behavior (HR Solutions)
  • 350% Higher Profitability (Wharton School of Business)