What does it mean to build a vibrant community? Session Sponsored by Beach Community Bank

10 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Pensacola Little Theatre

Since the publication of Quint Studer’s “Building a Vibrant Community” this past spring, Pensacola has quickly become a focal point for other communities who want to revitalize. Not only has our journey provided a solid blueprint for the leaders of these communities to follow, we have become a national learning lab for them to visit and benchmark.

Quint has spent the last ten months traveling the country and talking to civic and business leaders and media outlets about the best way to help communities get back on track.

Come hear some of his insights including:

  • How  the  city of  Pensacola  is helping  change  the national conversation  around  community revitalization
  • Why  trends  like reverse  migration  are affecting  small  to mid-size  towns
  • The  crucial  role businesses  play  in building  a  vibrant community
  • The  common  problems nearly  all  cities face  when  undergoing change
  • Why  keeping  talent home  has  become the  burning  platform for many  communities
  • Why  cities  struggle with  messaging  and creating a  unique  sense of  place
  • The  four  areas that  all  communities must  focus  on and  some  best practices for  activating  them
  • Why CivicCon  and  EntreCon are  becoming  the model  for  galvanizing citizens  and businesses