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Having It All: How Linking Purpose and Profit Drives Your Business to the Next Level

November 14-15, 2018

Businesses must be profitable. That hasn’t changed (and never will). But 21st-century companies have more than the right product at the right price. They are also purpose-driven, people-focused, and community-minded. This is no “feel good” trend. It’s a strategy tied solidly to sustainable outcomes. Here’s why:

  • You’ll attract and engage the right talent. The best people don’t just want a “job,” and they don’t want to have to separate doing well and doing good. Having engaged employees in a purpose-driven workplace is powerful. Productivity and innovation will soar!
  • You’ll excite and inspire customers. When you’re connected to a sense of purpose, you’ll captivate superusers who love your brand and can’t wait to tell others about it. These raving fans are the key to sustainable growth
  • You’ll appeal to vendors that share your values. When they partner with you, the synergy will explode, resulting in profitable new ideas, products, and services.

Creating and perpetuating this brand is only the beginning. A strong, sustainable commitment to your community must also be an integral part of your growth strategy. Vibrant businesses create vibrant communities…and vice versa.

This is a “must-attend” for entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and employees with a passion to succeed, lead, and influence positive change.

Attendees will be inspired by fresh ideas, learn the latest tactics and strategies, and make meaningful connections to help support professional growth and the success of your organization.

EntreCon Pensacola will offer keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and panel discussions to ensure maximum opportunities to learn from experts and your peers.

We encourage you to break away from the pressures and responsibilities associated with the business of doing business, learn how to improve your skills and results, and gain a fresh new perspective. You will not be disappointed.

Keynotes, along with local expert speakers, will be announced soon!