Brad Israel

COO, Chief Leadership Officer and Keynote Speaker
68 Ventures and FMSolutions

Brad Israel currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for 68 Ventures and Chief Leadership Officer for its core companies (Truland, Bellator, Thrive Title, 68V Development Services, and FM Solutions).  Brad joined the Army in 2005 earning his commission through the Officer Candidate School as an Infantry Officer.  After successfully graduating from Ranger and Airborne School, Brad was assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team in Vicenza, Italy.  He led an Airborne Rifle Platoon, a Heavy Weapons Platoon, and a Scout Reconnaissance Platoon, all in combat in the eastern provinces of Afghanistan.  Brad earned a Bronze Star, an Army Commendation Medal with a “V” device for Valor in battle; he also published a photography book, “Faces of the Future” from his time working with the locals in the villages.  Brad went through the Special Forces Assessment Selection in 2008 and was selected to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course earning the coveted “Green Beret” and Special Forces Tab in February 2011.  He was assigned to 7th Special Forces Group and served as a Detachment Commander for an elite mountain detachment in southern Afghanistan and led a water infiltration detachment in Colombia, South America; he earned his second Bronze Star and a Meritorious Service Medal for his leadership in 7th Special Forces Group.  Brad’s earned numerous other military medals and achievements over the course of nearly twelve years in the Army reaching the rank of Major.

One of Brad’s former commander’s had this to say about him: “As your company commander of just over two months and an observer of your performance over the past year in this Battalion, I am most impressed with your leadership qualities.  You have a charismatic quality that draws your Soldiers to you and builds confidence in them of your ability to make sound decisions under stressful conditions. I now have over two years deployed in a combat zone and have yet to see a leader with better calm under fire.”

Brad is a 2017 Presidential Leadership Scholar and is committed to social impact in his community.  He is also passionate about speaking and consulting with companies and teams on leadership through his leader impact entity, FM Solutions.  Brad has worked with many clients to include Dollar Tree Stores, First Protective Financial, Regions Bank, and Willis Watson Towers Insurance.