Briana Knight

Owner & Director
Disko Lemonade Yoga & Fitness Studio

Briana Knight is a mindfulness educator, yoga instructor, and Owner/Director of Disko Lemonade, a yoga/fitness studio set to open this fall at Southtowne in downtown Pensacola. She opened her first studio in 2015, and as a single mom of two and new business owner, quickly learned that mindfulness was going to play a key role in her success. After doing everything “wrong”, she incorporated mindfulness practices into her business and family life and experienced reduced stress, increased productivity, new opportunities, and a clarity of mind that lead her to where she is today. Briana has been leading workshops for local businesses on the power of mindfulness in the workplace as well as introducing mindfulness to local schools such as Pace Center for Girls. She is currently writing curriculum on mindfulness that will be taught to kids in our community starting with PACE. She is excited to open her new studio and boutique and continue sharing the practice of living in the “now”.

Speaking At:

November 14 | 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Better Lives – Track 2: Mindfulness in the Workplace. How Mindfulness Can Boost Productivity and Reduce Stress.