Dr. Robert Perkins

Assistant Professor of Management

Dr. Bob Perkins earned his PhD. in Organizational Behavior at Colorado State University by conducting field studies linking leadership practices to team performance in firms such as IBM, Ball Brothers Research Corporation, and prominent financial institutions.

Bob served in the US Army as chief of psychology at Fitzsimons Hospital and later as the head of Applied Behavioral Science for NCR Corporation. At a time of crisis, he designed and implemented a set of effective innovations for NCR’s new leadership and culture.

Bob began his consulting career at Hay Associates, where he provided reward management, strategy studies and executive/organizational development to a variety of industries. Joining RHR, an international psychological consulting firm, Bob recruited, trained and led a team of PhDs, creating a highly successful organizational and executive development practice.

Bob established Corporate Psychology to provide behavioral science-based solutions for business leaders. Bob has coached dozens of “start-up” leaders and scores of senior executives at leading corporations, including Aon, Coca Cola and Cox. Clients have engaged him on global assignments in eight countries and he has been a popular expert speaker on contemporary business leadership issues.

During his decades of consulting, Bob taught classes at the Ohio State University, the University of Colorado, Georgia Tech, and other universities, before accepting a full time academic position as a management professor at Mercer University to “pass on the lessons my clients taught me,” and establish a program in entrepreneurship. He has continued to investigate teams and leadership, publishing cutting-edge research papers based on his experiences in executive coaching, entrepreneurship, high-velocity change and creating powerful innovative cultures.

In 2016 he joined the University of West Florida. At UWF Bob initiated the Elevator Pitch Contest in March 2017, and then the Da Vinci Innovation Celebration in October. Bob recently co-taught a brand-new and highly successful course, “Innovation within the Organization” with Quint Studer.