Tommy Duncan

Trusted Health Plan

Thomas Duncan attended Florida A & M University, School of Business, graduating Magna Cum Laude with an MBA. He began his healthcare career at a small community based hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Using analytics and metrics he built a stellar interdisciplinary team which created two profit centers for the hospital; a multi-specialty clinic serving over 10,000 patients and a 68 bed mental health unit. The mental health unit became licensed and JACHO certified within 9 months serving almost exclusively uninsured patients. Building on his success in team building serving the uninsured he then developed a company to serve the underinsured. Through analysis of patient utilization patterns with and without care management and personal coaching, Thomas developed an initial approach to changing patient health behaviors utilizing partnerships with their providers. His next entrepreneurial venture was Care Compensation Specialists which specialized in Medicaid, TANF, ABAD, and SSI enrollment. This venture was immediately successful and resulted in a sale to Accretive Health. He managed Medicaid revenue of just under $1B for over 45 hospital reimbursements previously uncovered.

Thomas M. Duncan is convinced that Medicaid based Managed Care Organizations not only have the opportunity but the responsibility to substantively improve the health outcomes of each of its members. Through years of experience Duncan has developed a model for managed care organizations to drive results by changing health behaviors using analytics, metrics and community based, personal outreach. In 2011, Mr. Duncan developed Trusted Health Plan.

Trusted Health Plan from its inception has been infused with the idea that we can only make a difference if we are located where our enrollees live, interacting and increasing awareness about the benefits of prevention and health lifestyles. To that end, all Trusted’s programs are modeled after an enrollee-centered care concept that focuses on interactions with the enrollees in an effort to change behavior. Trusted Health Plan began serving approximately 30,000 members in Washington, DC on July 1st, 2013.