Tracy Crowell

Two Headed Marketing

Tracy never quite figured out his dream job or career so he ended up in advertising and marketing…for 33 years and counting.

In 1986, Tracy set up a folding table, pulled a chair out of the closet, bought a Mac SE and started Crowell Advertising in his new office, otherwise known as the living room. Loaded with self-confidence and doubt, persistence and indecision, Crowell tried and failed and succeeded often enough to lead, with the help of some incredible coworkers, one of Salt Lake City’s largest and most successful advertising agencies.

Starting small forced Tracy to learn and gain an expertise in many areas of advertising and marketing including strategy, branding, messaging, creative concepting, copywriting and account management. He’s worked with businesses in just about every industry ranging in size from large international companies to local startups.

Tracy has the understanding and ability to see both the big and the little picture, enabling him to help clients create strategies and develop the necessary tactics to achieve success. And that success is often measured by getting more customers to buy more products more often.

After 26 years of running his agency, in 2013 Tracy stepped into a simpler life and once again works from his home office providing advertising, branding and marketing services for companies from Utah to New England to Florida. No longer tied down Tracy and his family moved to the Pensacola area in 2015, connecting him with two of the greatest things in life – his granddaughter and a beach.

Tracy is known to be irreverent, at times irrelevant, old yet immature, curmudgeonly and friendly, and suffers from a wandering mind. Tracy’s goal is to, as Jimmy Buffett sings, live happily ever after every now and then.